Over the years, several online and offline data viewers have been developed for LSL. The list below is by no means complete. If you have created a visualizer for LSL and wish to add it to the list below, please clone this repository, edit this file and submit a pull request. Or, if there is a viewer neglected in the list below, simply post an issue with a link.

Online Viewers

A part of any LSL workbench should be a reliable way to monitor your data. Thus, sturdy, online data visualizers are essential tools. There are a number of stand-alone applications for viewing LSL data in real-time and software packages include online visualization windows.

Stand-alone online viewers:

Software suites/packages supporting online LSL visualization:

Offline Viewers

The following software suites/packages support offline visualization of XDF files, the file format used by LabRecorder to store LSL streams: