To import the LSL library in a separate CMake build, you need to set the the absolute path to the ‘installed’ LSL directory in the LSL_INSTALL_ROOT variable (e.g. -DLSL_INSTALL_ROOT=C:/LSL/build/install/) or add the absolute path to theLSL/cmake subfolder of the ‘installed’ LSL directory to your CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH (list(APPEND CMAKE_MODULE_PATH “C:/path/to/LSL/build/install/cmake/”)).

CMake looks for the file ${LSL_INSTALL_ROOT}/LSL/share/LSL/LSLConfig.cmake, so make sure your LSL_INSTALL_ROOT has the files listed in the previous section.

By default, apps should look in ../../LSL/liblsl/build/install so if you have a build folder in each submodule (LSL/liblsl/build, Apps/Examples/build etc.) and installed liblsl first, CMake automatically finds liblsl.